Quality Street


Year of production: 2016

Agency: JWT, London

Role: Concept / Copywriter

Everyone knows Christmas (un)officially starts once the tin of Quality Street has been cracked opened. Playing into this, we created a three week social campaign that bought to life all the moments that make this season so special.

Captions from top to bottom:

1. 'Open Christmas.'

2. 'Get your skates on and open Christmas...'

3. 'Christmas runs like clockwork with Quality Street.'

4. 'Make way for snowmen and Green Triangles, Christmas comes early with Quality Street.'

5. 'The sound of Jingle Bells and thought of Toffee Pennies can only mean that Christmas is  ready to be opened.'

6. 'A round of applause for the Orange Crunch, please.'

7. 'Dancing around the Quality Street tin says Christmas is strictly open.'

8. 'Elbows in and eyes peeled for the last Purple One.'

9. 'We’ll race you to the last Caramel Swirl...'

10. 'The wait’s over... Santa’s on his way and he is bringing all of his favourites...'