Ray Ban

Keep The Music Going

Year of production: 2020

Agency: Luxottica

Role: Copywriter

We're all on a journey​ together and no matter how bumpy it may get, Ray Ban will always be there with you for the ride. This is the story we explored when developing the brand's 2020 summer campaign launched on global social and digital channels as the world was recovering post-pandemic. Along the way, we brought to life various personas and tapped into the good times the brand historically stands by.

Best friends are like the right shades, you’d be lost on the journey without them.


Amelia featuring Aviator Optical

Lucas & Gabrielle featuring Aviator 

When it's time to roll this guy knows how to put on a show. Buckle up and sit tight, because it’s going to be
one hell of a ride.

Featuring Ray-Ban Aviator.  

When you're lost, she guides. When you're tired, she drives. And with her by your side, you can free your most authentic self.


Featuring Ray-Ban Aviator.

Drop this dude in the middle of nowhere and he’ll still be able to start a party. The world's his stage and he’s always ready to play his part.


Featuring Ray-Ban Aviator Optical.

She may take a backseat, but behind those shades she's a million miles ahead. 


Featuring Ray-Ban Shooter.