Campaign Against Drink Driving


Year of production: 2016

Agency: JWT, London

Role: Concept / Copywriter

On average 3,500 people in the UK are killed or seriously injured each year as a result of drink-driving. To remind people of how drink-drivers play with people's lives, we created a campaign that targetted people at the heart of the problem – the pub.

The first anti-drink-driving pub fruit machine with a hard-hitting message. Installed at pubs in areas with high numbers of drink-driving offences.

Behind the scenes

So, how was this special build born exactly?

Well, it started by trawling Gumtree for several days and nights before haggling with some dodgy blokes on an industrial estate. £500 later and we had ourselves a pub fruit machine that probably hadn't seen any action since the late '90s. Once safely back at our North London prop house, we were able to slowly clean and bring it back to life with a completely altered gameplay including copy, graphics and light sequences. Once ready, we were able to plug it in at its new home, the Paxtons Head, Knightsbridge and warn unsuspecting locals who were 'over the limit' before it was too late.